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Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 Episode 1
This is really good another season is going ahead and i cant wait
@KurtHefner i watched the first episode i left a review going on that and when i said a younger audience i meant 14 and up ,, my kids are vary sensible they are 14 and 15 usually they are fighting over the remote ,yelling teenagers haha so i went and had a look for episodes from a torrent site and downloaded them and watched them so i retract what i said pretty sure people with younger kids would not let their kids watch this and rightfully so ,so apologies if that came out wrong
Big Brother (AU) Season 13 Episode 5
these early episodes either freeze so far in or like last nites uploads unwatchable evey so many minutes on the vidox uploads sound and edited video is goofed and unwatchable
Big Brother (AU) Season 13 Episode 4
episode 4 sound all links are unwatchable 30 mins in beofre people coment watch the whole thing cause thats not how it was aired someone has edited the video to make the file smaller
Ok Bit far fetched for me but my keds never moved from the from their seats ,adults please be aware this was aimed for a younger audience so i have to give it full stars cause my kids loved it xx
Big Sky (2020) Season 1 Episode 13
this is not episode 13 its episode 10
Big Brother (AU) Season 13 Episode 2
the top link is yesterday the stremplay.to stops working 36.36 in the lik 3 streamtape is full of errors from 36.36 big brother eye are uploaders checking before uploads cause this is annoying sound and no picture ,,we cant report bad links ,,this last couple of months have been pretty annoying
Everything's Gonna Be Okay Season 2 Episode 4
this program is wrong episode 4 is not everything's going to be ok Its Cruel summer and the early episodes are last weeks
Shadow and Bone
this is great watch episodes 1-4 today if your a game of thrones fan you'll like this
Love Child
Thanks for uploading :@)
Frank of Ireland
Domhnall Gleeson and Brian (Breen)Gleeson are brothers in real life this is going to be Hilarious 2 really good Irish actors and its also filmed in the same part of Ireland where my parents live ,,unusual for these guys to act together cause one of them is a serious actor and the other is known in Ireland for his comedy ,,its not filmed in the untitled states its filmed in Ireland its an all Irish cast as well so that needs to be amended
Fisk Season 1 Episode 5
This is so funny ..highly recommend
Nostradamus: End of Days Season 1 Episode 1
everything Nostradamus predicted is in revelations including the prediction of the antichrist ..bible states apron 2000AD there will be great catastrophise Jesus was the last prophet ..all Nostradamus did was reworded revaluations ,so watch this crap and read revelations from start to end ...and then tell me i am wrong
The Head (2020) Season 1 Episode 2
can somebody add english version please without subtitles episode 11 was not too bad and it was english audio this epeisode either the links dont work oand its in german audio much apreciated thanks :)
Big Sky (2020) Season 1 Episode 1
Want expecting that at the end WTF!!!
How To with John Wilson Season 1 Episode 1
Why would anyone look for an excuse to chase an ex for a jumper ..if you broke up with someone being nice to them will give them power over you ..Nope Bad move if an ex has anything leave them with it No need to go back ..a mutual friend maybe would get it for you if you asked nicely enough ..this guy is a clown
The Only Way Is Essex
TRTASH TV too many progs people i know never watch this shit i agree with them..
The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1 Episode 1
7 seasons sorry that was a typo it jys got same old same old after
neXt (2020) Season 1 Episode 1
More of this ,,,great fab Hooked
The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1 Episode 1
i think the walking dead has over gone its day its the same old same old i stopped watching 2 seasons ago ..its like marmite you like it dislike ..i watched this thinking it was going to be different its just the same script different scenario different actors ..was really hoping for something different and the world beyond to me sounded like a cure and how survivors went on to live their lives ...its predictable ..font let my feedback put you off its just my opinion i am not even going to give
The Gift (2019) Season 2 Episode 1
The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Season 1 Episode 2
never heard of this vary good ..thanks for uploading
Halifax: Retribution Season 1 Episode 1
i am liking this i never watched the seies in the past but i might just have a hunt around
I Hate Suzie
this looks like its going to be funny watched the trailers on sky .Billy Piper has been doing a lot of new stuff recently and i have to say she was lousy in Dr Who but she has stepped up he roles in comedy are better suited to her
Apocalypse Earth Season 1 Episode 3
most of these disasters only happen in america
Role on season 3
Hitmen Season 1 Episode 2
loving this so far 10/10
DC's Stargirl
still not decided n this its kind of corny but wasn't super girl the same on season 1 season 1 of any show is about introducing characters , i don't like to leave bad reviews on first seasons because as these dc comics go they get better ..
See Season 1 Episode 8
brilliant series seaseon 2 starting soon cant wait ,...there was 8 episodes on season 1 not 10
bugger i hate cliff hangers each season gets better ..season 8 is so far the best ..
this just gets better every episode so far has been a cliff hanger on season 2
NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 7
I hope this does not let evil win because this is fucking sick !!!
Believers Season 1 Episode 2
seriously getting bored of this crap..howmany more paranormal series is needed ..out of work actors and directors ..these are actors and fake ..and made on low bugdget
Hightown Season 1 Episode 8
why is it in german the last episode please someone upload in english
Normal People
Country should be Ireland Not United states - locations are all in ireland and its an all irish cast IMDB says UK may have been filmed by Hulu joint BBC being irish This is first class drama could not drag me away from episode 1 ..thanks for the upload and please edit ...Thanks :)
Charmed (2018)
I remember the old charmed and how crap it was when it first started this was exactly the same ..season 1 was a maybe took me a few episodes but however season 2 like the old charmed just gets better ...
The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 11
really got into this show but finding it the same thing its predictive repetitive stopped watching at season 8 ..i have heard same from a lot of walking dead fans its same old week on week out..they either need to come up with new ideas to get me back... this show has become a bore ..
Four Weddings and a Funeral Season 1 Episode 1
got bored found something else to watch ..supposed to be a comedy never laughed once
Pennyworth Season 1 Episode 1
Ive never laughed so Muuch SEE RANK Paloma Faith is amazing in this and plays a Villon so well highly recommend watching this ..i just asking my self was it meant to be funny ...
Pose Season 2 Episode 5
some idiot has uploaded the wrong listing ..episode 5 is not pose
Too Old to Die Young
I Am the Night
Liked the first episode vary much
Dynasty (2017) Season 2 Episode 12
Hopeing someobne uploads a better version sound is muffled and crap will wait and see
first and second episode was good but it just got boring
Hard Sun Season 1 Episode 1
why is there one episode just watched the whole season1 on iplayer it is slow to start with but gets better
The Good Doctor
I have seen bad reviews from parents of kids with autism ..and i am sick of them saying it is not possible for any child to become a doctor ..i argue the case and it angers me that these parents see a child they can not communicate with ..its sad really cause when i argue the case that there are strong people throughout history from scientists to biologists ..and geniuses ..i kid with autism will only set a goal with encouragement and guidance and support from people around them to be accepted
Marvel's Runaways Season 1 Episode 1
its earl;y days looks watchable so far
The Handmaid's Tale
Loved this series i cant wait for it to return for a second season ..This has to be the best series this year ..i also have been watching Alias Grace which i cant find on here ..I am not comparing the two or saying they are similar but if anyone enjoyed handmaidens tale you will really enjoy Alias
The Gifted
I hope this is going to be ongoing it's so far so good
The Gifted
I hope this is going to be ongoing it's so far so good
The Gifted
I hope this is going to be ongoing it's so far so good
The Gifted
I hope this is going to be ongoing it's so far so good
The Sinner Season 1 Episode 8
why audio ..found this episode unwatchable and really annoying
Brilliant version of the returned best of the lot ...waited 3 years for this
The Orville Season 1 Episode 1
its watchable is it a pisstake of star trek quiet funny
American Horror Story
well no escaping american politics ..sorry i am sick to death of the site of donald trump and won't be watching
Time After Time (2017)
the rest of this season up to e11 is on go movies
Time After Time (2017)
Sonia Saraiya is a reviewer and because of her review they pulled the plug read her review at variety dot com
Time After Time (2017)
Sonia Saraiya is a reviewer and because of her review they pulled the plug read her review at
Marvel's Iron Fist
Started out really good half way through the season 1 looks like they ran dry ad rushed to finish the series disappointing cause i think it could have been better
Emerald City Season 1 Episode 1
Was curious how this would go so far so good i hope its going to get better and not drop like these series usually do
3% Season 1 Episode 1
lousy acting sorry 5 mins on episode1 had to turn off
Homeland Season 1 Episode 1
why did i not watch this from the start ...watched the first episode today and i am hooked hope its as good as people say it is :)
Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 6
The Wrong Girl
This is so stupid and crap its going to get a second season ,i am not even giving it a star
Aftermath (2016)
a bit of a strange one episode 1 had a lot of action acting was ok i ever go on the first episode so will see what this has in store for the next episode its good to watch as a time filler
MacGyver (2016)
Vary good for a remake ..but like every thing that we say is good ends up on the scrap heap ..don't expect a second season
first 3 minits was awful i usually watch more than 10 mins but could not get into this
The Magicians (2016)
Brilliant Show ..but the age restriction should be 15+