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Incels dick fall off everytime they see black women on television lol
Non-white people just exist. Some insecure white dude on the internet be like 'seems like diversity hire shit'.
The Mandalorian
This show is perfect. I cant find one flaw in it.
Batwoman Season 1 Episode 3
@fuckislam100..your name says it all. You trash human being.
'I aM WOrKInG On My SECoNd PhD AnD HaVE OwNerSHiP In TWo CoMPaNiEs' sounds like something someone who lives in their moms basement would say. lol
Dyslogix do you ever shut up? i feel sorry for your kids really. They got such a dumbass for a father.
'She is gay which means she hates men' hahahahahah..were you dropped as a baby one too many times on your head Dyslogix? lmao
Titans (2018)
Just came to show that shows is awesome and Nymike40 is a man child who cries a lot when an Alien character in tv serial is changed to black from orange. (even though original character in comics didnt have orange skin) but yeah please cry more.
I am here to collect tears of incels and white men. hahahah!!! you guys surely love to play victim a lot.