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Jupiter's Legacy
@ejones307 nailed it!
I don't know. It seems a little forced. How or why would someone with NO criminal record, currently employed would randomnly decide to steal this "new aurum" or whatever that is! And beehive guy is like "Yep! She's guilty, no exceptions!" Not give everything about the first episode, they do find the error but of course, her return home is interrupted
Invisible City
It's a NO! for me! I don't know why Netflix continues to "Import' these crappy Brazilian shows!
Cursed (2020)
Oh! My! God! Are they for real?!! Merlin, some bubbling drunk magician has been, Nimue is some fey "sorceress" who's young and naive ... And, And ... Arthur exists??!! The sword!! What? I just can't!
Cursed (2020)
I'm not sure that's what he meant. But, it seems this will be a "re-imagining" of the story involving Arthur and Excalibur! I guess instead of King Arthur, we'll get this girl! I'm not much for a rearranging an old story to be a new narrative.
Warrior Nun
It's called "Warrior Nun" but she's not a nun!! Based upon the events from the first episode, I won't be continuing with the series. Nothing of interest to me.
The Twilight Zone (2019)
Season 2 was ok. The episode 'downtime' was a bit interesting to me ...And yes, this includes a spoiler ... The main character was an avatar of a guy who was married offline with kids! However, in this virtual world, HE lived as a woman with a husband! Something, unless I missed it, that no one actually discussed! Not even his wife! This guy clearly wasn't happy with his life as he purposely O.D....
Perry Mason (2020) Season 1 Episode 1
I like it. Looking forward to following it through!
The Head (2020)
Ok. Well, nothing scratches my interest more than a show be listed, but isn't! Anyone know when the first episode will be uploaded?
Season 2 seems to be "ok." It doesn't have quite the same explosiveness as season 1. And that may be because it essentially copied the format of the orignal movie.
Reality Z
Yuck! Yuck! And more Yuck! Is this what Brazil think is good zombie tv?
The Stranger Season 1 Episode 1
Where is this show???