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LIke the CGI and effects - Acting is so over the top, it should be called intergalactic as well, when it's just not okay, or bad. Might be a real story in here, stuck among the tropes. It's like B-movie grindhouse exploitation, without the boobies! Don't mind the gender flip, it's obvious this was written for male characters and they justy slotted in females - I'll take my SF where I can get it. Will it get much better - doubt it, probably already in the can, unless they survive a season? Will I
Shadow and Bone
I liker Shadow & Bone on a lot of levels, but I'm just about done with the whole angry/reluctant hero/ine troupe. Not everyone who's been in an orphanage, faced abuse, etc. & et al during childhood makes themself the target of additional abuse, by making their vulnerabilities so obvious. And few would run from, or deny a power that might level the playing field. ... Other than that, great show, I'm on the second episode and I hope to binge all the way through it, and who knows, maybe we'll see
So much promise at first... Supergirl was pretty much her own person in the comics... now that her character has been co-oped by the feminist left, she is nothing more than a poorly drawn propaganda spouting caricature... They've actually grafted the Superman Mythos onto this poorly realized vision of Kara Zor-El... Sadly I do think it can be saved. Now ask how long Marvel's last foray into SJW womanhood last in the comic books - few made it past the first issue - Don't make the same mistake D