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Well I've just watched all ep's on another site. great cgi and some good action scenes. maybe needed a bit more budget. the writing could been done a lot better. took till ep 5 to find out what the hell is going on. @xjeepx not sure if this is for kids. a lot of drugs and point blank killing going on :D
better cgi than I was expecting. Not a bad first episode. this one's on my watchlist and see how it goes couple eps later
Invincible (2021)
I freakin' love it!!! so brutal and funny at the same time. yeah they made some look a like DC/Marvel superheroes.... but they dind't hold back on flying limbs and splashing blood... and talking about Marvel, this is what they should have done with deadpool. a 10/10 no holding back rated R anime serie
Station 19 Season 4 Episode 12
damn, that was a intense episode
Resident Alien
this is the show scyfy has made in years. talk about perfect casting. Alan Tudyk is just funny as hell. this kinda reminds me of that 90's show, 3th rock from the sun.
Kung Fu (2021)
this ain't bad. got some nice action scenes an some good actors. just the music is somethimes a little bit cheesy for me.... but i can understand why they do it.... the younger (netflix generation)viewers love that stuff