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Favorite Series
999: What's Your Emergency?
Brilliant show, which could be made better if there was links to actually watch it, cos lets face it, when you click on an episode and receive a message stating Could not find a stream link for 999: What's Your Emergency? Season 1 Episode 1 It's aired September 10, 2012 but it takes time to convert the episode, lets face it just how lobg does it take to convert and episode eh? Or is it ust isnt as commercial as other programmes to bother upload beause its British tv and true to life? We can hav
Cold Justice
Season 4, Ep 4 through to 10 has no links, and is three years old. Season 5 has links! Yet most of the time on this show, they dont work and i have to go elsewhere :(
Cold Justice Season 4 Episode 4
Over three years old, and not a single link?? Why?
The Flash Season 6 Episode 16
none of the links work!!!
Nashville Season 3 Episode 7
None of the players work properly. The one that does buffers every 32 seconds, my internet is fine as i tried it elsewhere
House of Cards Season 6 Episode 1
all six links not working, cant get to work on any other website either
The Masked Singer Season 1 Episode 8
Either the links do not work at all or they show the usa version. neither is any help when ive watched all previous episodes and all links have worked
Ghost Loop Season 1 Episode 1
Of the 2 links, neither work
Obsessed with this programme!!
Vikings Season 4 Episode 1
@Niide I've used link #40 Streamplay.to and it works perfectly
Homeland Season 6 Episode 11
not one of the links work :(
Outlander Season 4 Episode 12
OMG! Talk about the most dramatic yet romantic ended I've known for a long time. I had to watch it twice it was so good an ending
Outlander Season 4 Episode 1
I've loved this show since the beginning, but feel they ruined the ending of this episode witht he over dramatic music that wasn't relevant except for the word American.
The Passage Season 1 Episode 2
Promising start, good so far
Travelers (2016) Season 1 Episode 1
Can;t get a single link towork :(
Marvel's Daredevil
“Daredevil” was canceled by Netflix on November 29, just a few weeks after the show returned with a critically acclaimed third season. The streaming giant did not give a reason for dropping the ax on the Marvel series. “Daredevil” was the third Marvel series canceled by Netflix this year after “Iron Fist” and “Luke Cage,” leaving only “Jessica Jones” and “The Punisher” standing.
Good first episode, has brilliant potential
Absolutley love Harvey Spector and Mike Ross. Gripping storyline
Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 22
Cried my eyes out! This episode broke my heart :'(
Chicago Justice
I stand corrected Graceface24, my apologies :)
Chicago Justice
You're not here to debate. You're right. You're here to give verbal abuse to anyone who don't agree with you and cant see what you're saying to people is classed as abuse. I think its you who needs to get a life and grow the fuck up. Dickhead
Chicago Justice
Don't you see how offensive that is? For someone to be "retarded" is for them to be less afvanced for their age. If i don't like sprouts, thats my view only. I don't ecxpect everyone to agree with me. And you shouldn't expect to be right all the time either
Chicago Justice
If the site does that, then why does it only happen to you and why has the last post you wrote only appeared once? You've so many better things to do that you spend so much time involvig yourself commenting and picking up on stuff other people write just to get a reaction and kick off. Other people are entitled to an opinion as well as yours and are allowed to differ from yours. There is no need to call anyone "retarded people" just cos you don't agree with what someone has written. Don't you s
Chicago Justice
nymike its actually sceptic if your trying to be precise...... :/ Nevertheless,,,,,is there any need to write your messages several times? I've seen across many posts where you've written things exactly the same multiple times and you come across agressivley. There's no need! There only TV shows and there's more important thing's in life to be upset about
Marvel's Iron Fist
Wasn't sure where it was going at first, but will grab you in the first episode! Very good so far :)
Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 24
So emotional! Sat with tears running off my chin. I'm so so so so glad McDreamie made it through. Shame Grey lost the baby tho :'(
Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 11
2nd link down is same episode as episode 10 but is meant to be episode 11 :(
Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 10
1st link is 8minutes short! Use 2nd link :)
Secrets and Lies
So addictive!!
The Grand Tour (2016)
Absolutely brilliant :) very funny and well planned out. You can tell that they have put a lot of thought in to the programme and aren't controlled by the BBC anymore. Can't wait for the rest of the season!
The Flash
Brilliant show
Have watched this from the very beginning. Best show ever!!