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Favorite Series

Invincible (2021) Season 1 Episode 8
Amber is the worst part of the show. I hope she dies...
Really bad. I don't know what Netflix was thinking.... Nevermind they green-light anything.
Yasuke Season 1 Episode 1
Absolute Garbage. Voice Acting sucks. Animation sucks. Characters suck. Don't watch it. Save yourself the trauma.
From the synopsis, this appears to be a cringey, diversity-hire shit.
Invincible (2021) Season 1 Episode 1
After credit scene is great
The Irregulars Season 1 Episode 1
This is shit. Couldn't watch past the carriage scene. My immersion was completely destroyed.
Paradise PD
This show is like if Family Guy was funny.
American Gods Season 3 Episode 8
Peak Faggotry in this episode....
The Blacklist
I bet that list just got another 75 million "domestic terrorists" added to it.
Superman & Lois
The Rachel Maddow Show
Inciting Hatred and Violence for 12 seasons!
Blood of Zeus
This was dumb
DC's Stargirl
Another piece of garbage. Cabbeats is right. Trash.
The Magicians (2016) Season 5 Episode 1
Oh Snap! The torture continues!
Utter garbage....
Watchmen Season 1 Episode 1
The direction was good, writing was garbage.
Dear White People
I can't believe this racist show got three seasons....
Marvel's Jessica Jones
I don't know how this shit has another season.
Good Omens
Don't pay attention to the salt below. It's not supposed to be accurate; it's a parody, a satire. It had great actors and a funny story.
The Magicians (2016) Season 4 Episode 12
Hope a few more of them die next episode.
Sounds like fat journo-victim complex: The TV Series. Not going to watch it....
The Magicians (2016) Season 4 Episode 7
In all accurateness, anyone who would actually read this story would come to the conclusion that each character is irredeemably horrible and deserves a fate worse than death and the universe's goal is to make their lives miserable and push them into becoming more horrible people.
The Magicians (2016) Season 4 Episode 2
never mind it's the same shit
The Magicians (2016) Season 4 Episode 2
vshare source 13 seems to be in english. It's still being uploaded
The Magicians (2016) Season 4 Episode 2
I can't watch this cringey torture porn in Spanish!!
Utter Shit. Who actually likes this garbage?
The Magicians (2016) Season 4 Episode 1
Let the torture Porn begin.
Marvel's Daredevil
karen is such an annoying character. I always hope they kill her off permanently. They don't. :( Other than her good series.
Marvel's Daredevil Season 3 Episode 10
Boring Episode. It's all about Karen's past
Titans (2018) Season 1 Episode 1
the comments don't look good.... which isn't surprising because of the trailer.... I'm gonna skip this one....
Doctor Who
This show used to be good. Then Moffat took over and ruined it. After David Tenant the show steadily goes down. Don't watch after Tenant. Don't waste your time.
Utter cancer. Fuck this show.
Krypton Season 1 Episode 1
Women fighters are a joke and honestly it just ruins a series.
Young Sheldon Season 1 Episode 15
lame episode. Just a black wahmahn diversity higher episode.
Marvel's Jessica Jones
This series sucks. I cannot comprehend how this got a second season.
The Magicians (2016)
This show is torture porn. Let me explain, everyone in this show is just awful and pathetic and the events of the show just torture them and I find it very amusing. All of the male characters are annoying leftist soy-boys and all the female characters are really annoying bitches on pms. Normally these kinds of characters would push me away from viewing a series, however this is a special case because this is torture porn - I get to see characters I hate get tortured, die and come back to be tort
Van Helsing Season 2 Episode 7
This is an amazing show. I can't believe that they just made an allusion to Islam and terrorism with Sam. Sam is obsessed with Muhammed and causes terror in his name. It's so fucking woke. Just for that alone I think it is one of the best shows.
Marvel's The Punisher Season 1 Episode 4
I wish the girl died. She should've died. Alas.
Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 1
They should really find a way of removing broken links on this site.
@SupremeOverlord I wrote no opinions in my review, only facts. If you can't handle that then it's not my problem.
The Shannara Chronicles
This series's actors are bad. The writing and cast choice has too much of a regressive influence. The original book series was so much better.
The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4
This series's actors are bad. The writing and cast choice has too much of a regressive influence. The original book series was so much better.
Marvel's Inhumans Season 1 Episode 6
Just to clarify. That wasn't crystal's power. That's just a feature of the new apple phone. They gotta compete with Samsung afterall
All the women in this show suck. All the men in this show are cucks. God how they ruined Green Arrow.
All the women in this show suck. All the men in this show are cucks. God how they ruined Green Arrow.
The Orville
This sucks
Arrow Season 2 Episode 14
felicity is best girl
Arrow Season 2 Episode 13
Why couldn't sarah just be dead?
Arrow Season 2 Episode 9
Really easy choice. Sarah in a heartbeat. Should have let Sarah die. Shado was a much better main girl than either of the bitchy Lance daughters. Now we have to wait for her to die in series, but of course she'll come back. They always come back. Laurel is not fierce nor a boss. She is a stupid, whiny, annoying bitch.
Arrow Season 2 Episode 5
Actually the only decent women in the series are felicity, Bartinelli and Moira
Arrow Season 2 Episode 5
Can all the women in this series be killed?
Arrow Season 2 Episode 5
This show needs to stop having the plot driven by the feelings of these two Lance bitches. Honestly, the title is arrow, it is supposed to be about Green Arrow not about the two Lance bitches. Please kill them off. They are utterly useless. Both are identical in character - utter gloomy bitches.
Arrow Season 2 Episode 5
Sarah's character sucks. I'm a gloomy bitch. Laurel sucks as well. Just all around bad characters. Please kill off.