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Favorite Series

Better Call Saul
One of the very few good shows on these days.
Love, Death & Robots
Love it. Crafty shorts that pertain to nothing and yet, everything.
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
ok... The ending was off.
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
It's good. I mean I'm not the biggest fan of spin-offs, but this is true tot eh characters and that is what matters.
The Nevers
@HHRoach...Project much?
The Nevers
@HRRoach and @av007 ...What? You Karens think you have a monopoly on viewership? My uncle just so happens to work for the production company. Actually, he runs the daily for all the studios. What a couple of cunts you two are.
The Circle (UK)
We do this all day long every day. Now you want to watch it on TV too? The collective world has lost its mind.
Below Deck Sailing Yacht
After watching the first few episodes I just had to stop. Are the Producers trying to utterly destroy the entire yacht leasing industry? these wanna-be shell backs are not indicative of what true yachtsman are like. Maybe the psycho owners but not the rest of us.
The Irregulars
None of the traditional characters in their respective rolls, an absolute travesty to the Sherlock Holmes moniker. If I could give it a negative rating I certainly would do so
The Nevers
Bad, just really bad, from the acting to the story line. Who writes this feminist crap?
Kung Fu (2021)
Not only is this a bunch of rehashed scripts stolen from other movies and shows the story line and acting is rubbish.
Kung Fu (2021)
What a bunch of complete garbage
The Irregulars Season 1 Episode 8
Just plain bad. Very disappointing.
Locke & Key Season 1 Episode 4
OK... 3 Episodes and this is trippy.
The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 2
I have to say, after a few seasons this show was getting a bit long in the tooth. Now? It's right back to being the AWESOMESAUCE it started out as.
Vikings Season 4 Episode 16
Even in death he remained defiant.
The Expanse
Without a doubt, THE BEST sci-fi tv series EVER! A must watch.
The Expanse Season 5 Episode 10
Without a doubt, THE BEST Sci-Fi tv series EVER! A must watch.
The UnXplained
Is the high rating simply because its Shatner? If I see one more of these shows with the most stupid people trying to sound smart with their Cockney accents I think I'm going to puke. It's not that the content isn't rehashed garbage, it's those fucking MORONS!
World's Most Unexplained Season 1 Episode 1
Yet ANOTHER "who done it & where did they go" mystery show where everyone tries to sound smart with their Cockney accents.
The UnXplained Season 3 Episode 2
I just can't take it anymore. Those stupid idiots, trying to sound intelligent really ruined it for Billy boy.
Equinox (2020) Season 1 Episode 2
If the rest of this series is as good as the first episode then we are in for one hell of a ride. OUTSTANDING THRILLER.
Age of the Living Dead
couldn't finish the first 10 min. really really bad.
Helstrom Season 1 Episode 1
First ep. and I'm hooked! We'll see if my intuition is right once again.
The Alienist
Some of the best acting AND story line on TV, period!
Containment Season 1 Episode 1
Couldn't hold me for the first 5 minutes. The bad acting was already evident.
The 100
How is it that good shows get cancelled after 1-2 seasons but THIS dribble gets funded into its 7th?
Americ: Our Defining Hours Season 1 Episode 2
Nothing but communist propaganda, a rewriting of the truth.
F is for Family
OMG! How did you guys know? Did my Older brother write this script for you or did you guys spy on us for like my entire life?
The Flash Season 3 Episode 21
Oh yeah...No one saw that one coming. the thing that shocks me is that someone is getting paid to write this shit!
The Flash Season 3 Episode 17
i can't do it anymore. The soap opera dribble and utter nonsense laced in a Feminist propaganda hit piece is more than I can take.
missed the ten out of ten part .
Awesomely gritty.
Dublin Murders Season 1 Episode 5
Very good suspense thriller.
Really Good Acting for a low budget run. Story line is unique as well.
Batwoman Season 1 Episode 1
Couldn't get past the first ten minutes of this dribble. Just another remake with a woman placed as the hero. and poorly done at that.
Just what we needed. ANOTHER man hating lesbo who cries for the crap kicked o equal rights, then when she gets treated like a man but when she gets the crap kicked out of herself, cries foul. So what is it? You want to be treated like a man or a woman?
The original from the 70's was way ahead of it's time. I remember running to the TV begging my parents to change the channel so we could watch. This remake has all of that breathless excitement that I remember as a child, and more.
Instinct (2018) Season 1 Episode 1
How did this get out of pilot? Dry, Predictable, Stereotypical. Just plain bad acting.
Lost in Space (2018)
Started out really good, then went straight to stupid and ridiculous.
Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 5
This freakin show! I'm Hooked
Star Trek: Discovery
If I see one more of these femi-nazi shows I'm gonna puke!
Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 1
If I see one more stupid scifi show with women in leading rolls kicking ass on everything is sight Im gonna puke.
The OA
Very Trippy. Loved it.
The Man in the High Castle
What can I say? Mind Blown.
Better Call Saul
One of the very few good shows on these days.
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